Modern Mechanical Rooms

Serving Ontario and British Columbia.


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Modern Mechanical Rooms

Built With Innovation, Design & Craftsmanship.


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Building High Quality HVAC.

Bespoke Heating, Air Conditioning, and Natural Gas.


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– HEPA Filtration.
– Wi-Fi Thermostats.


– Underground Gas Lines.
– Driveway Snowmelting.
– Air Conditioner Landscaping.
– Garage Heaters.

About Us

Blackrock HVAC Ltd is a heating and air-conditioning firm in Toronto.


We help increase the comfort and value of your home by expanding the heat/cool usability as well as space.
We also help improve the indoor air quality with the use of purification systems and true HEPA filters.
Using high quality materials, honoring warranties, and providing excellent customer support will be held a high priority.

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Orest Omeliukh. 
Authentic HVAC & Fine Mechanical Rooms. 


Our furnace shut off one -10° evening and me being a DIYer I thought I could just go and buy an igniter and repair the furnace myself. Unfortunately they don’t sell igniters anymore in stores so I had no choice but to call someone to service it. Within an hour Orest was at our house and had our furnace up and running in a short period of time. He also checked my filter, gave my furnace a once over and educated me on what filters are the best and answered my many other questions very patiently. Orest is a very personable person.

Roman R.


It’s all in the details

I hired Orest in December of 2014 to replace my residential furnace. Orest was professional, courteous and prompt. He was attentive to our needs and had very helpful recommendations before he started the work. Orest has excellent attention to detail and clearly takes pride in what he does. 10/10 would recommend. Thank you, Orest!

Anton Z.


Fine Mechanical Room

For so many years my furnace room was abandoned and no one in the house really entered it unless we had to change our furnace filter or pile up some junk in ther like most people do. I came across the BlackRock and their Fine Mechanical rooms last year because i decided i needed to clean my furnace room out and at the same time i needed to replace my 30 year old furnace to a high efficiency. Long story short i recieved great equiptment that was installed with precision. Workmanship was great, and they were very friendly and personal. Oh! And they also referred me to a Central Vac company that were terrific aswell. Bottom line, if you need anything done to the heating or cooling system at your house…i highly recommend BlackRock.

Luke Z


Fine Mechanical.

We just had our basement finished with a fine mechanical room. The beauty is in the details. Thanks guys!

Jaroslav O.


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