The Modern Mechanical Room

Ability to work in Ontario and B.C


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Custom Home Quality Finish

The Most Swag HVAC Out Of Canada.


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Licensed Gas Tech Service.

Strong Ambition To Build Exceptional.


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– HEPA Filtration.
– Wi-Fi Thermostats.


– Air Conditioner Landscape.
– Garage Heaters.

About Us

Blackrock HVAC Ltd is a heating and air-conditioning boutique in Toronto.


A Blackrock Mechanical Room is more than HVAC. It is a work of art, hand-built to order by business owners, record producers, rappers, home builders, and architects. Whatever your vision, our team will build you the finest heating, air conditioning, and natural gas lines to make your project a reality. The only limit is your own imagination.

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Orest Omeliukh. 
Authentic HVAC & Fine Mechanical Rooms. 


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Blackrock HVAC

650 Wilson Ave
Toronto, ON.
M3K 1E1

General enquiries:
Skype: orest.oh

Phone: 647.388.5744

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