5 Reasons Why Blackrock HVAC is New

5 Reasons Why Blackrock HVAC is New

1. Your job is going to be the best:

  • We’re dedicated to having equipment set-up properly.
  • People know good work when they see it.
  • If something doesn’t fit, we re-cut it. Re-fit it.
  • Just like you see on TV, except are doing it.


2. We have style points:

  • Why can’t your mechanical room be brilliant?
  • To get style points we paint the furnace room floor
  • Incorporate the furnace room into the rest of your house.
  • Our installed equipment sits on 1 ¼” granite slab.


3. We Innovate.

  • A tidy and good looking furnace room? That’s new.
  • We use upgraded accessories.
  • You can tell how good a builder is by looking at their mechanical room.
  • Pioneers of the original open concept furnace room.


4. Warranties are meant to be honored:

  • All new equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, we’ll make sure you know
  • Proof of warranty will be given to you on paper.
  • Our products come with the best warranty.
  • Warranties should work FOR you, and extended warranties DO exist about it.


5. We help you get your furnace room ahead of the curve.

  1. We’ve developed a unique style in furnace room design.
  2. Technology is supposed to make your life easier, let it work for you.
  3. There are benefits to a reliable and organized mechanical room.
  4. All work is done carefully, safely, and with attention to detail.