Heat Pump Rebate Program in Ontario – An Ontario Resident’s How-To Guide.

Heat Pump Rebate Program in Ontario – An Ontario Resident’s How-To Guide.

Once again, homeowners may be eligible for a rebate to improve the energy efficiency of their home. This happened before when our government wanted us to switch from oil to electricity, from electricity to natural gas, then mid efficiency, and later on 99% efficiency gas appliances!

It’s essential to remain cautious of potential scams and aggressive sales tactics. This article by Blackrock HVAC of Ontario aims to inform and raise awareness of the rebate program and its benefits. Please remember that sales tactics today are much more aggressive and A.I sophisticated. Door to door sales is illegal since 2002. If you’re interested in upgrading your HVAC system, please feel free to contact us first for an appointment.

Coming straight outta the pockets of the taxpayers, an entire $13 billion dollars will be distributed to homeowners across Canada to the ones who do some things around the house in 2023 and until the money is gone.

Natural Resources Canada and Enbridge Gas, together with their almighty Government of Canada, in bed with their overlords at WEF, decided that electricity is more up their globalist agenda. At Blackrock HVAC of Ontario, we have nothing in common with Blackrock in New York other than the love of jet fuel and carbon emissions!

Are Heat Pumps Worth It?

At BR HVAC, we understand that opinions on heating spaces with electricity vary. As HVAC professionals, we’ve been working around Toronto since the early 2000s and have heard stories from homeowners about very high electricity rates and their preference for gas furnaces or water heaters. In the 2010s, we began replacing aging units while implementing better installation practices, we also began installing Mitsubishi Mr.Slim mini splits.

Prior to the pandemic, heat pump systems were gaining popularity in Europe and Canada was testing their effectiveness in typical-sized buildings in cold weather climates. In 2023, the industry has become increasingly horny for heat pumps, so get ready for cheesy radio ads and lawn sign scams. Fortunately, in 2002, door-to-door HVAC sales were made illegal.

This rebate is available to residential homeowners who install energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment in their homes, including heat pump systems. At BR HVAC, we’re focusing on offering two popular options to our Greater Toronto customers: upgrades to forced-air furnace systems and ductless mini-splits that qualify.

If you’re considering upgrading your HVAC system, we encourage you to take advantage of the rebate program and explore your options. At BR HVAC, we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality HVAC systems and services that meet their unique needs and preferences. Please feel free to contact us for an appointment to discuss your options.

At BR HVAC we are a no bullshit company and we’ve never done rebates because of their stink and poor systems built by our slow government. This time for some reason the system works great and it’s finally a win – win situation. Please feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help you take advantage of this opportunity.

Since BRHVAC is a modern HVAC company, we thought it was fitting to ask Chat GPT to explain the rebates as well!

If you’re interested in upgrading your HVAC system and taking advantage of the Enbridge rebates, be sure to do your research and work with a reputable contractor. Look for a contractor who is licensed, insured, has great Google reviews, and is experienced in installing HVAC systems in your area. Here at Blackrock HVAC we hold a valid TSSA license and for years we’ve been installing only high-quality heating and cooling systems. We provide you with brand name equipment that’s been tested by our team for durability and value. You can also expect high quality installation practices, no gimmicks, solutions, and a great attitude.

BR HVAC won’t be beaten on our precision installation practice.

As a contractor, we fully support the Enbridge rebate program for HVAC upgrades in residential homes. In the past, we’ve seen too many customers miss out on potential savings due to the complicated and convoluted process of applying for rebates. However, with this program, applying and receiving rebates has never been easier. The rebate amounts are significant enough to make a difference for homeowners. We’re proud to be a part of a program that encourages homeowners to make upgrades to their homes, especially when they truly are energy efficient, quieter, and don’t come with gimmicks.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Keep Your Ductless System in Top Shape: A Guide to Maintenance.

Keep Your Ductless System in Top Shape: A Guide to Maintenance.

Three Steps to Maintaining Ductless Mini Splits in the GTA.

  1. Clean or replace air filters. Easily the most important routine step that few actually do. It’s shocking how many people don’t do this. You can also visit the outdoor unit and look around it. Spot dirty spots, dusty coil, or growing weeds or bushes. Keep it clean down there.
  2. Don’t wait until your system breaks down! Schedule regular maintenance with a technician to catch up, give them a bottle of your new wine, and have them spot and potential issues.
  3. With high season in the Greater Toronto Area being June – September, it’s crucial to schedule your maintenance between April and June. Anytime after that you’ll be hunting and paying higher prices for your service visit.
While it’s important to encourage proper maintenance and raise awareness about the consequences of neglecting HVAC systems, it’s also important to approach the topic in a way that is respectful and constructive. Rather than poking fun at those who don’t maintain their equipment, it may be more effective use those photos and videos as educational content. Remind others about regular maintenance and the potential consequences of neglecting it.” Orest Omeliukh

Evaporator: The Indoor Unit

Very dirty filters found inside an evaporator.

As a condominium property manager or a warehouse maintenance manager in the Toronto area, ensuring the proper heating & cooling is critical for occupant comfort and boss satisfaction. Neglecting routine maintenance can lead to expensive repairs or system replacements real quick, resulting in uncomfortable conditions, potential legal liability, and awkward boardroom conversations. By scheduling ahead using our booking app below, be on top of your deadlines.

Commercial units get bad much quicker so pay attention. Too often they are installed in elevator rooms where the air is dirty and the coils get plugged on the evaporator. This requires a disassembly and a light jet cleaning.

Condenser: The Outdoor Unit

Dirt, leaves, and other debris accumulates on the condenser fins, which reduces airflow and often leads to poor cooling. It’s important to regularly clean the unit, either by hosing it down or using a soft-bristle brush to remove debris. Also, decide at what frequency you want to schedule your maintenances. The technician can perform checks that your tools can’t, like testing the refrigerant levels, and inspect the compressor and capacitor to make sure everything is in good working order. At Blackrock HVAC our goal is to perform a maintenance so good that we barely see you for service calls!

A very dirty condenser coil after only two summer seasons!
This video shows how a thick layer of dust can create serious AC problems and drainage issues.

Our Experience

At our company, we pride ourselves on being experts in ductless systems. Our team has traveled around the world to places like Japan, India, and Costa Rica, where ductless systems are a common and preferred form of heating and cooling. Not only have we seen them in action in these countries, but we’ve also installed them in our own homes and for countless satisfied customers. So when it comes to ductless systems, you can trust that we have the knowledge and experience to answer your questions and deliver on expectations. Book an appointment for your ductless system using our booking app.

“How a Ukrainian Entrepreneur is Improving Winter in Toronto”

“How a Ukrainian Entrepreneur is Improving Winter in Toronto”

Written by a biased Ukrainian journalist.

Winter in Canada can be a beautiful time of year. Snowflakes falling gently and covering the city in a blanket of white, or 2 feet perhaps in the vast lands of Caledon. However, along with its charm, winter can also bring with it some challenges, including slippery roads and sidewalks. For Ukrainian man, Ivan, the cold weather is not a problem.

Ivan moved to Toronto from L’viv several years ago, and he quickly realized that the harsh Canadian winters were no joke. While Canadians are used to dealing with snow and ice, Ivan noticed that the city’s traditional methods of removing snow and ice, such as shoveling and salting, had limitations. Slippery surfaces can still persist even after being cleared, which can pose a risk to pedestrians, drivers, and property owners. Recognizing this problem, Ivan began to look for a solution, and he found it in the form of snowmelt systems. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Ivan’s snowmelt system, how they work, and how they are helping to improve winter in Canada.

As a civil engineering and economics graduate, Ivan knew he could do it, but he didn’t want to go through the hassle of a DIY installation with a newborn and an expensive BMW maintenance coming up. He recognized that this was a specialized field that required the knowledge and expertise of a professional. After days and hours of research online, he decided to hire Blackrock HVAC of Mississauga, ON, a company that specializes in installing snowmelt systems for residential and commercial properties.

As a high income earner and proud owner of a 2013 Porsche Cayenne GTS, I take pride in keeping my car in the best condition possible. But living in a condo can make it challenging to keep my car clean and free from the elements. That’s why I decided to try out Blackrock HVAC’s driveway heating system, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the results.
Their team of experts helped me add an additional zone to my boiler heating system and install a heat exchanger to efficiently circulate a mixture of glycol and water through my driveway. Now, even during the harshest Canadian winters, my driveway remains clear of snow and ice, making it easy for me to park and access my car.
The system is incredibly efficient, and I’ve noticed a significant reduction in my heating bill since I’ve started using it. Plus, the added benefit of having a clear driveway makes my daily routine so much smoother and more enjoyable.
Overall, I’m incredibly satisfied with Blackrock HVAC’s driveway heating system and would highly recommend it to any auto enthusiasts who want to have control over the temperature of their garage.

Expertise and professionalism: When Ivan met Orest for the first time, he recognized that installing a snowmelt system is a specialized field that required the knowledge and expertise of people who understand wiring, controls, heating, water flow using pumps, and holds a valid TSSA license. He was impressed with Orest’s past experience of building hydronic heating systems all over Ontario, and appreciated his focus on delivering high-quality workmanship with a smart design and simple but elegant features in the mechanical room.

Customized snowmelt system: Orest along with his three man team worked with Ivan to design and install a customized layout that controls the heat of the concrete slab, stairs, and garage. This level of customization was important to Ivan, as he wanted a system that would not use too much gas and electricity, and keep his garage at 10 degrees.

If you’re building a new custom home in Canada, you already know that the details matter. One of the often-overlooked details that can make a huge difference in your comfort and convenience during the winter months is a hydronic snowmelt system. The process of building such a system involves carefully insulating your driveway before the concrete is poured, followed by the installation of a network of plastic tubing loops. These loops will distribute heated water evenly throughout your driveway, melting snow and ice before it has a chance to accumulate. In the mechanical room, an advanced hydronic system is assembled, and a gas-fired NTI boiler is installed to generate the heat needed for the water that will circulate through the tubing. With an automatic system that responds to temperature and moisture sensors, you’ll never have to worry about snow and ice accumulation on your driveway or walkways again. It’s a small detail that can have a big impact on your quality of life, and it’s one that you won’t want to overlook as you build your dream home in Ontario.

After the installation, Ivan was thrilled with the exceptional results that the system produced. His sidewalks and driveway were no longer covered in snow and ice, providing him with the peace of mind and the luxury experience he deserves. The Blackrock HVAC team’s state-of-the-art tools and quality piping connections exceeded his expectations, leaving Ivan with a snowmelt system that performs flawlessly and looks sharp. The team’s unmatched level of service and expertise impressed Ivan, and he proudly recommended them to his family and friends. Ivan realized that when it comes to installing a specialized system such as a snowmelt, only trained and experienced licensed professionals can provide the high-quality results.

As an owner of luxury automobiles, Ivan understands the importance of maintaining high standards of care for his vehicles. With the harsh salt on the roads, Ivan knew that he needed a heating solution that could provide both comfort and protection for his cars. His solution was a cutting-edge hydronic heating system that not only keeps his home warm, driveway dry, but also extends to his garage, allowing him to maintain an optimal temperature for his vehicles. This state-of-the-art heating system offers the ultimate in flexibility and control, ensuring that Ivan’s cars receive the protection they deserve while he indulges in the finer things in life.

If you’re considering a snowmelt system for your property in the Southern Ontario area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ivan’s recommended expert, Orest Omeliukh at Blackrock HVAC. With his years of experience in installing hydronic snowmelt systems, he can provide you with a comprehensive consultation and a detailed estimate of the cost and timeline for the project. What’s more, they’re currently offering a special $50 consultation fee when you schedule your appointment using the convenient booking app below. Take the first step towards a winter without shovelling and icy sidewalks by reaching out today.

Cooling Off In Rishikesh.

Cooling Off In Rishikesh.

An Unplanned Trip to Rishikesh, India.

It’s July in India and another hot sunny day sitting inside a general class carriage. The train was on its way to Agra, and I was going to see one of the five wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. I’ve been traveling Asia for fourteen months now and have developed strong awareness to my own thoughts and feelings. I had a funny feeling this time and knew exactly what it meant: the urge to do something spontaneous, random or adventurous. Knowing that the train ends its journey in Northern India near a popular town called Rishikesh, I decided to stay on the train for another 18 hours. This suddenly became my plan to get away from the scorching summer heat.

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Rishikesh has a population of 100,000 and it’s where people come to meditate and practice yoga. It’s also where Cafe’s are to be explored and people from all parts of India come to visit the holy Ganges River. Streets were covered with people wearing orange clothes, some shouting in Hindi, and others honking their motorcycles. Sewan is Lord Shiva’s month long celebration and people from all parts of India were going to the Ganges river to get their blessings. It’s believed that during Sewan, Lord Shiva fulfills the wishes of all his followers, blesses them with prestige and good life partners for women.

Traveling full time can be exhausting. Sometimes you need to get away from all the noise, relax, and spend time with yourself. I found the best way to do this is to search for a local cafe that meets my demands. “Honey Hut Cafe” has pulled me in as soon as I opened the front door. I was quickly relieved from the heat outside thanks to their Indian made “Gold Star” ductless split air conditioners. After speaking with their Chef Umang Sharma, and cafe manager Akash Pondel, I’ve noticed that this cafe has three AC Gold Star units in one space. Akash said they would turn more units on during the high tourist season in order to satisfy the demand for higher loads.

Taking a closer look at these 10 year old AC units, I noticed that they all have inverter compressors. I was caught by surprise seeing inverters on such old units. Its not often that I see inverter units in Canada and yet this is not my first time seeing them in Asia. Canada has been running behind when it comes to technology. From cellphones to air conditioners, we are a few years behind Europe and Asia. You just don’t get the same variety. The great thing about inverter units is they save you lots of money when it comes to paying the energy bill. These units are quiet, constantly holding the room temperature, and can save up to fifty percent on your energy bill. This leads me to my next question, why don’t we see more of them in Canada?

Rishikesh is where yoga was born. Foreigners from all over the world come here to learn yoga and meditation. Classes ranging from 7 to 300 hours are available almost anywhere in town. Being the explorer that I am I’ve decided to try a few classes myself. While you’re on the road it’s difficult to keep your mind and body in shape and this was the perfect place to catch up. Now I can hit the road again with calmness and joy.

Vlad Koma is a licensed 313A Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic from the province of Ontario.

Shopping in Miami

Shopping in Miami

When you work with passion and commitment the days can get long and exhausting. Creating a great future for your business doesn’t only require a new pair of designer sunglasses, but also a South Florida tan. 

Recently, Blackrock Travel took me to Miami where a personal development course couldn’t be missed. Jeez it was so damn cold in that conference room I had to pack a sweater for the following days. Back at the gorgeous AirBnb – looking out the window at a mango tree – I couldn’t help but notice the amount of cold air the house was pumping out the ceiling vents. WOW, was the thermostat stuck in cooling? Impressed, how was it so cold?

Here I am trying to take time off in Florida but HVAC keeps invading my mind. It started with asking the host what sort of Air Conditioning system they have, then checking to see what size ductwork was ran, and creeping around the backyard to see how big the condenser was! Those Americans, we can learn a few things from them…eh?

Once in a while somebody will write me a comment asking if I ever do any work. Let me explain, finding great tasting wines for our a-List clientele and their wives is hard work. Achieving a serious tan is no easy job either so end it with these comments.

Deadlines had to be met on the final day so I called in for back up to friends Ashley and Kyle. Through teamwork we came up with a strategy. Kyle took me to Abaco Wine Boutique in the Fashion District where owner Ben helped pick the perfect cabernet sauvignon. He’s so knowledgeable and passionate about wines it was a pleasure meeting such a professional gentleman.

Ashley pulled through in the afternoon by taking us to the Soho Beach House in South Beach for an ocean swim and tan.  Followed by a pizza, gnocchi, a few sangrias and Moscow mules for lunch.

Before we knew it was time for me to catch an Uber and fly back to YYZ off the last goal of the day inside my daily planner, I finally got to sit down and take it easy for three hours before landing safely home. Thank you Miami for being hospitable, beautiful, and providing so many Aston Martins to stir up my motivation. Safe travel everyone.

*In Construction* Special Ops Project Gonell.

*In Construction* Special Ops Project Gonell.

Installed by Senior Technicians Agent C and Double 0.

Our team is camped on the North-West corner of Bloor St W & Royal York Rd, Etobicoke. You might have seen our black and white Ford Transit vans parked outside. You might have seen us sippin’ on espressos or asking to pet your boston terrier!

Operation Gonell is the most exciting renovation to happen in this neighborhood, straight up. The local, ambitious, and talented builder/remodeler Will Gonell, makes his centre stage debut back into the Kingsway area. Spending four years away in other GTA neighbourhoods – building highly detailed custom homes – he comes back with a National Award under his belt and a fresh insight into how your home can be built.

HVAC & Mechanical Scope

  1. Basement radiant heating.
  2. Driveway snowmelting. 
  3. Radiator removal and radiant heating on main & 2nd floor + gypsum Overpour.
  4. Unico high-velocity system + fully dedicated HRV/ERV.
  5. Custom mechanical room. 

Today we’ve started to “rough-in” a future radiant floor warming system. The process begins once your gravel base is raked level and waterproofing is done. It consists of installing special insulation atop the gravel, and then piping on top of the insulation. We call the insulation “PEX Panels” because they come in 2×4′ sheets and have round “pucks” where your PEX piping gets pressed between. They click together to form a solid layer or “insulation system” plus they have a vapour barrier built in. We will then install a system of tubing that will carry hot water for heating.

Amvic PEX panel

The height of these PEX panels is greater than the standard styrofoam sheet your uncle layed in his basement and you had to help him on that one Saturday. You really didn’t want to do it because you had a party the night before, but cutting off the tips of 8,000 zip ties made it all worth it and it really sobered you up quick. The reasons to go with a 3.75″ tall panel are simple: 1. When radiant heating is your primary source of heat, the basement slab must have a minimum R10 insulation rating. 2. After switching to this method of pressing the PEX inside the “pucks” and not zip-tying on top, it greatly reduced the amount of punctures we had during the concrete pouring process.

blackrock hvac

Blackrock HVAC

Your basement gravel base will never be perfectly clear of all pipes from drains, radon systems, or weeping tile. We carry rakes, shovels, and a meticulous eye for dangers. Most of these can be worked around, then any small gaps and cracks are filled with foam.

Blackrock HVAC Ltd

blackrock hvac heating

Today was a victorious day because of the innovative materials and pro technique that were meistered by both senior technicians on site. Let me explain…click here to learn how a hydronic radiant heating loop works. The embedded tubing will be the highway in which water will flow underneath the entire concrete slab. When using 1/2″ tubing (standard) you’re only allowed a certain length before pressure will be lost and won’t return back. Stagnant water like your son’s stinky socks he leaves behind is no good here ok?

floor heating loops

What to do when you reached your maximum limit but still have more basement to cover? You end up with loops. A total of six loops in this basement connect to a manifold/collector, or distribution centre. You now understand that water needs to supply and return from loops going into something called a manifold. Brilliant! You’re a Grade A genius now, *in a Jeremy Clarkson voice* 


True Story: On Orest’s day first day back from his 2017 Euro Tour Pt.2, he invited Agent C to The Yellow Cup Cafe in Etobicoke. Whilst eating their delicious sandwiches and having secret conversations, a German home renovation magazine finds itself onto the table. Orest goes on about how a reverse return loop layout should be the only way to go when installing floor heating. I kid you not. They both agreed – and the rule became from now on – to install reverse return heating loops every time!

Here is the page from the article. Notice where the arrow is pointing. Normally you would run your loops up and down the room until you’re done. FALSCH! You could do better.

germanmagA reverse return layout method distributes the heat evenly across the slab. It achieves better comfort and more efficiency. All the European heating instagramers do it this way and it seems like North Americans are getting laughed at for once again being uneducated. This is one step towards building better Mechanical Rooms and gaining higher performance out of your boiler. So lets go buy some PEX, plan some loops, get layed, and have a party!

Orest Oh

reverse return loop

Please click the link to view our summary of Project Gonell.

Work Vans Don’t Need To Be Creepy.

Work Vans Don’t Need To Be Creepy.

We Love Our Vans


The ability to carry tools and parts inside of our vehicles increases the confidence of our team and improves the chances of getting things done. Speaking for many trades: electrician, painter, carpenter, builder, etc, they maintain a lifestyle of self-reliance and express it through tools, including vehicles. This article begins with a short story, followed by pictures of our Transit XLT and ends with a video filmed somewhere in Ontario.

Blackrock Transit Connect

Blackrock HVAC

Shelving, partition wall, roof rack, winter tires, and a back-up camera will make you safe on the road but won’t fix the situation you’ve been sent out to diagnose. “The days of seeing a plumber with his ass crack showing are over”, says Will Gonell of Gonell Homes. Meaning, if you want to be involved with modern construction, you need to be up to date and carry everything you might need that day. Clients have expected professionalism since forever, lets deliver on this.  

Blackrock HVAC

Blackrock HVAC Ltd

At Blackrock HVAC we accept this reality so we work on improving the comfort, fun, and functionality of our vans. Our company culture has lots to do with automobiles and engines. If your van or truck is a tool for business then taking care of it is money well spent. Don’t be that guy who drives a creepy rusty old van around town scaring women and children, we’re professionals by trade.

Blackrock Transit

Blackrock Transit Connect

The End





Natural Gas Piping

Natural Gas Piping

A Project In Collaboration With Gonell Homes. 

This is a cinema example of our professional gas installation abilities. All outdoor gas lines are tailored to your residence. 

Relax with a cigar, scotch, or hopefully both to enjoy your Toronto penthouse view. We are working with UK based modern fire pit company Paloform and they are very well built. With the stones inside they weigh approximately 500 lbs each! A natural gas line was branched off an existing outdoor supply, then split into two smaller hose connections that enter the pits from underneath. They give off nice heat and don’t make any noise. This was a high-end gas install exercise for our technicians and a beautiful appliance for the homeowners. More picture to come but for now please enjoy the cinema and consider contacting Blackrock HVAC or Gonell Homes for your lifestyle renovations.


Basement Floor Heating.

Basement Floor Heating.

Radiant heating using a combination tank water heater for domestic hot water, and heating of a 500sq.ft basement floor. A forced air duct system provides heating and cooling for this semi-detached in the Bloor & Ossington area.

Underpinning Your Basement In Toronto?

This blog is designed to show you the process of building a modern radiant floor heating system in Toronto. We’ve make it simple so anybody can follow along. This is not a DIY but rather a helpful tool to organize and plan your renovation. Feel free to contact us at any time with your specific questions 🙂

Part 1: Rough In.

Part 2: Radiant Wall Assembly.

Part 3: Forced Air System (coming soon).

Part 4: Video Feature  (coming soon).


Part 1 – Rough In

When anybody at Blackrock HVAC talks about roughing in radiant heating, the following materials are being installed: R6 or R10 insulation, 1/2″ Radiant PEX, heating manifold, and slab sensor. In this basement we used 1.5″ R6 insulation with steel wire mesh, but have since moved on to a modern “Puck Style” R10 insulation. R10 is required by code when floor heating is your “Primary Heating Source”. Since most of your home’s heat loss comes from the basement slab it’s a no brainer that bigger is better.



There are two things to consider when choosing which insulation panel to go with, price and height. Going traditional with wire mesh may seem cost effective at first, but taking into account the insulation, tuck taping it together, mesh, and then zip tying everything together…it equates to the same amount. It’s wiser to go with “Puck Style” because it has a higher R-Value and installs much faster for the same price. It’s IMPERATIVE that you have a discussion with your underpinning crew about going with “Puck Style” because they always have a larger height! Your crew will have to go deeper to accommodate these extra couple inches (no pun intended). The concrete slab must be 3″ thick above the insulation for it not to crack.


Here you see the radiant rough-in complete and concrete cured. Since this is a Blackrock Bespoke Project we went ahead and painted the floor to mark the mechanical room territory, and per tradition hung solid oak to be our radiant wall and focal point (optional). Our next step is to put the combo water tank and furnace in place to visualize their connections to piping and duct work. DSC_0391


Step 2: Radiant Wall Assembly.

Don’t let the following pictures of unknown parts intimidate you! So lets break it down. Your floor heating system needs a few key components to make it work… we need a heat source, a circulator to move the heat in the piping, and a distribution system like a manifold that distributes heat through your PEX loops. Along the way we’ve installed a pressure/temperature gauge to monitor the performance, and a water back-flow preventer so your heating water never touches the domestic water. All these components can be mounted in a functional yet aesthetic way.







Modern Mechanical Room.

Please be patient for the photography updates, our sexy secretary is in Mexico escaping a Southern Ontario winter.

In the meantime enjoy our final product photo and try to separate the Forced Air, Natural Gas, Hot Water & Hydronics in the room 🙂 Once identified please call Orest @ (647) 388-5744 to book an a appointment.

In The Meantime…Instagram-Logo-1

The Mechanical Room European Tour!

The Mechanical Room European Tour!

We packed our bags and flew to Europe for Viennese coffee and German beer.

Along the way our BRHVAC team made friends with some cool cats who know what’s good. Long story short, The Mechanical Room Vlog had an opportunity to shoot 4 episodes and we’re sharing them with you on this page.

No vodka was consumed during the filming of these episodes, only cognac.

Episode 1: Praha – Combination Boiler Heating (Live)

Episode 2: Carpathian Mountains – Wood Burning Boiler. (Live)

Episode 3: L’viv – Radiant Heating In A 3,500 sq.ft Home. (Live)

Episode 4: Visit To A Plumbing & Heating Supplier in Ukraine. (Coming Soon)