A positive pressure fan (PPF) is a building’s tool to tame smoke and fires. Thousands of cubic feet per minute of outside air gets forced inside at a high rate, pushing the existing air polluted with smoke and toxins outside through doors and cracks. It’s common to have several of these throughout the building supplying staircases and elevator shafts. 

Positive Pressure Fans require very little maintenance since they will only operate during emergencies. Although it’s imperative to schedule regular inspections on them four times a year. Our Blackrock HVAC team of technicians or the property manager can co-ordinate with the building’s fire safety contractor for scheduling of these important dates. See our Professional Commercial HVAC Maintenance program offer.




It’s especially important to make sure there is a proper ventilation system in any enclosed area where there is potential for the formation of carbon monoxide (CO). In conjunction with CO sensors, Parking Garage Fans provide a common solution for harmful vehicle emissions and indoor air quality.

A motor, fan blade, and louvres to the outdoor make up a simple Parking Garage Exhaust Fan system. Parking ventilation requires a monthly visual inspections and semi-annual servicing. Blackrock HVAC technicians believe these fans can be low maintenance through the simple scheduled Approved Commercial HVAC Maintenance program.

Exhaust motors function reliably when they’re being used often and are oiled in intervals. System neglect of Parking Exhaust Fans will create broken belts, failed motors, CO detection, and resident complaints. It’s always a good idea to maintain these systems visually by painting the metal silver (we’ve tried black and it was quickly disliked). A fresh coat of silver spray paint will prevent the steel rusting and residents appreciate the upkeep.

Commercial Rooftop Units (RTU)

Commercial Rooftop Units (RTU)

No matter the size of your commercial space, you probably have a commercial rooftop unit. As they age, no matter the brand, they typically bring you more headaches and expenses in the form of complaints and costly repairs than reliable heating and cooling. The pictures and videos on this page are from our own installations to show property owners and managers how Blackrock HVAC can safely and successfully replace and install your rooftop unit(s) in the Greater Toronto Area. 

We’re serious about the reliability of your HVAC unit, book an initial consultation to discuss the options for your building.

Trane RTU / 400,000 BTUH / 15 TonTRANE rooftop unit

Trane Rooftop Unit

We’ve been involved with rooftop units since 1998 and have serviced every brand out there. Our decision on brands for new installations comes from decades of experience in the field. Our aim is to provide you with a reliable machine with great warranty so you only see us in the spring and fall for filter changes!

Blackrock HVACWard Crane American Standard Rooftop Unit

Our Rooftop Installations Include:

WSIB clearance certificate,

Hiring & scheduling a crane operator,

Supply & delivery of new rooftop unit,

Ordering a new adapter curb if needed,

Removal & recycling of scrap metal,

Connecting & painting gas lines,

High voltage electrical connections,

New thermostat of your choice,

Documented start-up & testing.

Cleaning up the job site!

TRANE rooftop unit install


Here is another example of a commercial rooftop unit replacement.

The old RTU was a Trane that had a few years on it (almost twenty). Worst part is that every year the landlord would spend a few thousand dollars on repairs during the winter season, while also dealing with complaints from the tenants! In the spring he decided that a new unit would be more reliable and actually save him money after a break-even point of only a few years. 

We installed the same brand, but an updated model. These two machines share the same footprint which allowed us to keep the existing curb and make the installation less costly. A professional crane operator was hired to hoist the unit onto the roof. Our team safely connected and painted the old rusty gas line. Electrical and thermostat wires were checked for integrity and reconnected inside the new heating and cooling unit. This landlord is happy because he hasn’t called us for repair in two years now, just seasonal filter changes

TRANE RTU / 150,00 BTUH / 5 Ton


Furnace + Hot Water Tank.

Furnace + Hot Water Tank.

Like most mechanical rooms it was dark, creepy, and featured equipment that we turn a blind eye to.

Luckily these homeowners of this 1950’s Toronto bungalow planned ahead and were willing to build something exciting! Furnace, Water Tank, and Central Vacuum replacement.


With new equipment and cabinetry we’ve added swag to the entire 700 sq.ft basement.


Planning ahead nets better decisions. Here we decided to incorporate the furnace room into the basement – which was exposed – to create an Open Concept Mechanical Room. By replacing the HVAC appliances, using high quality workmanship and interior design, we had a modern plan that was going to impress visitors.




The first step was to empty the room leaving behind only ducts and water lines. An accent wall was built behind the future appliances to make a boring furnace room look more desirable and unique. Canadian red oak was chosen for the wall spanning 8’ in length.


Goodman is the largest manufacturer of HVAC products in North America. Their core values are reliability, easy serviceability, and industry leading warranty. It was a no brainer to go with a Goodman GMVM96 with 2-stage gas valve, variable speed fan motor, and an oversized 5” media filter.


The accent wall is illuminated with LED’s to give it the wow factor. New metal for the return drop gets rid of old dust. Venting, wires and gas lines were carefully joined and tucked away neatly to eliminate clutter. A 50 gallon water tank was chosen for its reliability and peace of mind for the next eighteen years.

Blackrock HVAC
modern mechanical room

Blackrock HVAC

Switches with stainless steel covers compliment the mechanical room, making it truly feel modern.

Blackrock HVAC

A Blackrock optional granite equiptment pad Serial #007 was placed underneath the furnace like a boss.

modern mechanical room

Once all the equipment was tested and the gaps in metal were siliconed, the floor received two coats of paint, the results were amazing. Black & Decker cabinets made their way for additional storage that was impossible to envision before.

modern mechanical room

Benjamin-Moore paint was used on the walls to give the room style.


modern mechanical room

Central Vacuum was updated by The Vac Man, Toronto’s Central Vacuum Specialist. This home now sports a Nilfisk unit with an Italian motor and some carbon fiber swag.


No Blackrock HVAC installation would feel authentic without some custom 3D printed functional items. In this mechanical room we had Rapitaro Designs print us a exhaust vent bracket with a gold leafed embossed logo.


Modern mechanical room

We’ve come full circle since the 1950’s.

What you’re looking at now is the new norm: a functional, reliable, organized room for your renovated home. Creative customers let us challenge ourselves and at the same time push residential HVAC design forward.

Thank you for you interest in Blackrock HVAC.

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Furnace installations start at $5,000 + HST and have many humidity, filtration, and fresh air options.