Shopping in Miami

Shopping in Miami

When you work with passion and commitment the days can get long and exhausting. Creating a great future for your business doesn’t only require a new pair of designer sunglasses, but also a South Florida tan. 

Recently, Blackrock Travel took me to Miami where a personal development course couldn’t be missed. Jeez it was so damn cold in that conference room I had to pack a sweater for the following days. Back at the gorgeous AirBnb – looking out the window at a mango tree – I couldn’t help but notice the amount of cold air the house was pumping out the ceiling vents. WOW, was the thermostat stuck in cooling? Impressed, how was it so cold?

Here I am trying to take time off in Florida but HVAC keeps invading my mind. It started with asking the host what sort of Air Conditioning system they have, then checking to see what size ductwork was ran, and creeping around the backyard to see how big the condenser was! Those Americans, we can learn a few things from them…eh?

Once in a while somebody will write me a comment asking if I ever do any work. Let me explain, finding great tasting wines for our a-List clientele and their wives is hard work. Achieving a serious tan is no easy job either so end it with these comments.

Deadlines had to be met on the final day so I called in for back up to friends Ashley and Kyle. Through teamwork we came up with a strategy. Kyle took me to Abaco Wine Boutique in the Fashion District where owner Ben helped pick the perfect cabernet sauvignon. He’s so knowledgeable and passionate about wines it was a pleasure meeting such a professional gentleman.

Ashley pulled through in the afternoon by taking us to the Soho Beach House in South Beach for an ocean swim and tan.  Followed by a pizza, gnocchi, a few sangrias and Moscow mules for lunch.

Before we knew it was time for me to catch an Uber and fly back to YYZ off the last goal of the day inside my daily planner, I finally got to sit down and take it easy for three hours before landing safely home. Thank you Miami for being hospitable, beautiful, and providing so many Aston Martins to stir up my motivation. Safe travel everyone.

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