Make Up Air

Make Up Air

A Powerful Fan To Supply Every Corridor With Fresh Air.


With its high volume fan and large heating coils, a Make Up Air unit (MUA) provides reliable introduction of air into the building to replace what’s been pulled out by the kitchen and bathroom exhaust equipment. Without it your building gets back drafting, poor temperature control, odours, and door slamming in hallways.

Blackrock HVAC Ltd provides service and maintenance technicians who admit to being raised with their grandfathers’ tools and fathers’ cordless drills. Now – licensed to work on gas fired equipment in Ontario – they hold a brand promise to focus efforts on providing quality repairs with the shortest amount of downtime.

Both indoor and outdoor MUA Units require monthly scheduled maintenance and HVAC service team to keep them running. This can include monthly filter changes, seasonal belt replacement, and recording amperage readings. Reducing your down time with a reliable HVAC service company will decrease the number of resident complaints for hallway odours and door slamming.

Engineered Air and E.H Price brand Make Up Air units are commonly found on buildings in Ontario. They’re both well built and use complex controls to operate the burners safely. Blackrock HVAC technicians and others must be familiar with these controls to provide fast repairs and less down time.